As Robert Kayanja Ministries we are glad that we didn’t stop on Phase 2 cause a lot has also happened in the 77 Days of Glory Phase 3. Todd Dulaney, long awaited worshipper showed up (16th -17th Feb 2017)during the last three days of phase 2 and he ushered us into Phase 3 the real first day we had an American Gospel worshipper “Victory Belongs to Jesus”. He has such a pure sound that all worshippers should have and not just a musician. He prayed for our musicians, transferring his worship mantle to our worshippers and instrumentals to a whole new another level. On the last day of the phase 2, this was also meant to be the closing day for phase 2. We were priviledged to have His Excellency Y.K. Museveni, the President of Uganda together with his wife, the First Lady of Uganda, Hon. Janet Museveni close off this phase. To our amazement, both His Excellency and the First Lady agreed that we the country needs the 77 days of glory revival should continue as it is doing more good and many other people need to be reached. The First Lady has been watching constantly and is a great fan. We thought that we had seen it all in the previous phases but the third phase is something else. In Phase 3 we have seen the spectacular mass wedding which tookplace on 16th Feb 2017. Imagine wedding 200 couples in one day. It took Pastor Kayanja had to stand for 5 hours! Righteousness exalts a nation and the Holy Spirit insisted that those couples that have been living together as a family but not legally married, and have no resources to sanctify their marriages whereby 200 weddings in one service were held at the Miracle Center Cathedral. In the same 77 Days of Glory Phase 3 many celebrities gave their lives to Christ, the likes of Captain Dollar, Jamili, Papa Cidi, Bad Black, Cutie Kaye, Kapere, Kigere, Full stop, Steven “Muzira”, Dr Propa, Producer- Derrick, and many others not forgetting famous DJs likes of Push, Nick D, Nimuso. Just its possibility is a Miracle and we give the glory back to God making all this come together. Over 130 Nations around the world have visited to see what really happens in 77 Days of Glory.